Improve your cell therapy with safe, rapid telomere extension

Cell and telomere

Short telomeres limit cell therapies by causing cellular senescence

TERT mRNA: more high quality cells faster

TERT mRNA is a patented nucleoside-modified mRNA encoding the enzyme telomerase reverse transcriptase (TERT). When TERT mRNA is delivered to cells it is translated into TERT protein. Telomeres are rapidly extended, after which TERT mRNA is naturally degraded, leaving the telomeres long and healthy. Immediately after treatment, telomeres resume shortening at their normal rate, important for safety. TERT mRNA confers a dose-dependent increase in cell proliferative capacity.


• Cell therapies
• Tissue engineering
• Tissue and cell transplants
• Skin grafts
• Immunotherapies
• Regenerative medicine
• Tested in over 10 cell types: fibroblasts, keratinocytes, MSCs, T-cells, HSCs, myoblasts, endothelial cells, hepatocytes, and others

One dose provides 10,000 times more cells

Growth curves of TERT mRNA-treated cells

Left: TERT mRNA extends telomeres in fibroblasts by 1kb in 1 day. *** P<0.001 Right: TERT mRNA increases fibroblast replicative capacity in a dose-dependent manner without immortalizing cells.


Fast: A single TERT mRNA treatment reverses more than a decade of telomere shortening.

Transient: TERT mRNA is degraded in 1-2 days, after which the extended telomeres resume shortening, important for safety.

Non-immortalizing: All cells treated to date have eventually stopped dividing.

Hypoimmunogenic: TERT mRNA mimics natural-occurring molecules.

Boosts proliferative capacity: TERT mRNA provides cells with a finite, dose-dependent increase in proliferative capacity.

Rejuvenates cells: TERT mRNA treatment gives cells youthful morphology and delays senescence.

Join the TERT mRNA Co-Development Program

If approved we’ll send you TERT mRNA to test on your cells and assist you in transfection and evaluating efficacy by quantifying increases in telomerase activity, telomere length, and proliferative capacity.  See what TERT mRNA can do to improve your cell quality and quantity to improve your therapeutic outcomes.  Email with subject line “TERT mRNA Co-Development Program” or fill out the Co-Development Program form here.